Complete parts list

The March, 2018 Parts List is for the latest version of the design, and is slightly less expensive than the January, 2017 design. Note that vendors will change their prices and available parts from time to time, so the prices are approximate, and not all of the listed parts may be available, so substitutions may be required.

If you have any quesions about the parts please don’t hesitate to ask! Discussions about building take place in the Building section our Discourse forum. If you’d like to discuss the hardware design, or to make suggestions for changes to the design (which we welcome), please do so in the Hardware section of the forum.

Tools / Misc

  • Power hand drill or drill press
    • Hole Saw
    • Hole Saw Drill
  • Label maker


In order to install things on the NUC, you will need a monitor (the NUC has display port and HDMI out) as well as a usb keyboard and mouse. There are not on the list above as they are not needed for normal operations.