PANOPTES Observations Statistics

Yearly key metrics of data collected by active PANOPTES units:

  • An observation consists of a sequence of images of the same field.
  • PANOPTES units have taken ~4,300 observations.
  • These...
22 Apr 2020

Site Planning Document Added

A document that can help with some initial site planning for a PANOPTES unit. This includes things such as location, power, communication.

Overall full of tips of how to pick...

21 Aug 2019

Instructions Update

Some of the beta-builders have been working hard to help us update our instructions. We’d love to get a whole bunch of new builders this year and part of that...

13 Feb 2019

Light curves at AAS233

At AAS233 this year Wilfred presented a talk on some of the image processing work that he has been doing as part of his PhD.

The talk was...

04 Feb 2019

"Eh, What's Up Doc?" - We're Hiring!

We are seeking a postdoctoral researcher to assist in the development of the project’s cloud-based data reduction pipeline and to assist in the scientific use of PANOPTES data for exoplanet...

09 Dec 2018


The American Astronomical Society’s 233rd Meeting is coming up and Project PANOPTES is getting ready! One of our undergraduate interns will be presenting a poster of the unit she...

30 Nov 2018

PANOPTES on StarDate!


PANOPTES was honored to be featured on the radio station StarDate put out by the McDonald Observatory and aired on many NPR stations throughout...

02 Oct 2018

HawaiiCon 2018

Science fiction or science fact? Panny and some of the PANOPTES team make a trip to HawaiiCon 2018 to talk exoplanets and astronomy.

Say, who is that looking out from...

16 Sep 2018

PAN012 Party!

What better way to celebrate the successful build of PAN012 than with a party on the roof at Caltech?

Not only did PAN012 get built in 10 weeks by two...

25 Aug 2018

New Forum Launched!

We’ve started a new forum to talk about all things PANOPTES. Got a question? Building a unit? Have a great idea? Sign up and ask away!


01 Aug 2018

SCaLE Conference 16x

PANOPTES team member Wilfred Gee gave a talk at this year’s Southern California Linux Expo (SCaLE 16x) in Pasadena, CA on March 08 of this year.

Read more at the...

05 Apr 2018